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TaterTail Tug of War Chew Toy for Dogs

TaterTail Tug of War Chew Toy for Dogs

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Let your pup play tug-of-war to their heart's content with the TaterTail Tug of War Chew Toy for Dogs! This toy suctions to the wall drill or floor tiles, so you don't have to worry about it running away. Plus, its dental hygiene benefits help your pooch keep their breath fresh and tartar-free! With colorful options and hours of fun, your pup will be living their best life with the TaterTail. Let the battle begin!


Many dogs suffer from bad breath and periodontitis due to poor oral hygiene, but chew toys can rub off the tartar and make your dog's teeth healthier.
It enhances the dog's enthusiasm, and makes your relationship with the dog closer, improving the pet's intelligence and keeping your dog entertained for hours.
This toy can effectively help your dog release excess energy and keep your dog entertained by themself for hours.

Item No.: Sucker drawstring ball

  • The suction cup can be firmly grasped on the wall drill or floor tiles, no need to worry about losing the toy
  • Keeps your Dog Entertained for Hours
  • Promote better Dental Hygiene for your Dog
  • Ball size: 8cm

Available Color options:
A: Red and blue color
B: Red and white color
C: green
D: blue
E: Leaky ball red and blue
F: Leaky ball red and white

Package Content :
pet toy ball *1

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