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17mm Gold Stainless Steel Necklace For Dogs

17mm Gold Stainless Steel Necklace For Dogs

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Ensure your pup looks paw-sitively fashionable with this 17mm gold stainless steel necklace. Perfect for any and every occasion, this long-lasting luxury jewellery is an elegant addition to any pup's wardrobe and requires no special maintenance for long-term wear. Purrfect!


  • 1. Suitable for skin contact jewelry, the surface will not change due to the environment, long-term wear can maintain luster and smoothness.
  • 2. The metallic luster of titanium steel is very close to the luster of platinum, which is both noble and elegant, but also modern.
  • 3. The maintenance and cleaning of titanium steel jewelry are also very easy, not in a strong acid environment, and no special maintenance is required at all.


  • Specifications (length * width): 16mm12 inches (recommended dog neck 8 inches)
  • , 16mm14 inches (recommended dog neck 10 inches)
  • , 16mm16 inches (recommended dog neck 12 inches)
  • , 16mm18 inches (recommended dog neck 14 inches)
  • 16mm20 inches ( Recommended dog neck 16 inches)
  • 16mm 22 inches (recommended dog neck 18 inches)
  • 16mm 24 inches (recommended dog neck 20 inches)
  • 16mm 26 inches (recommended dog neck 22 inches)
  • 16mm 28 inches (recommended dog neck 24 inches)
  • 16mm 30 inches ( Recommended dog neck 26 inches)
  • 16 mm 32 inches (recommended dog neck 28 inches)
  • 16 mm 34 inches (recommended dog neck 30 inches)
  • Chain width: 16mm
  • Process: six-sided grinding chain, polishing vacuum plating

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