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Step into the world of Tatertail, where we are driven by a singular mission: to discover the very best for your cherished furry companions. Our passion lies in transforming these discoveries into innovative solutions that address real challenges, fostering a deeper connection between you and your pets. We hold a profound respect for the quality of life that our pets deserve and are committed to treating them as integral family members.

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Tatertail 3 in 1 Travel Companion for pets

TaterTail 3 in 1 Travel Companion

Discover Our 3 in 1 Travel companion, Essential for any trips. The Travel Companion comes with built in food and Water dispenser and well as an compartment to hold your poop bags.

Discover The 3 in1 Companion



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At Tatertail, we generously donates a portion of every sale to support animals in need. If you like to add a little extra we donate 100% of any tip left at check out to help animal shelters.